Top tips for the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix 2020

Top tips for the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix 2020

Ready to see F1 wheels in motion again? The Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix 2020 returns to Albert Park, Melbourne from Thursday 12 March to Sunday 15 March, marking the 70th anniversary of F1 and also the 25th anniversary of the AusGP.

To ensure you enjoy the best possible, hassle-free experience, check out our handy guide to the Grand Prix, including details on the best places to watch, and the easiest ways to get there and away.

Getting there and away 

Tram / Light rail

The tram is the easiest way to get to the Albert Park Circuit with frequent services dropping you off right outside the gates.

Gates 1 / 2 / 3: Spencer Street (corner Collins Street) to Gates 1 / 2 / 3. If you are arriving at Southern Cross station simply follow the signage and staff directions to the tram stop. Thurs and Fri - 7 to 8 min frequency, Sat and Sun 4 to 5 min frequency.

Gates 5 / 8 / 9 / 1: The easiest way is via the St Kilda Road trams. All St Kilda Road trams depart from Swanston Street/Flinders Station (opposite Federation Square).


Uber is the Rideshare Transport Supplier of the Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2020. UberZONES are located at gates 1 and 10, and Uber access points at Gates 2, 3 and 5.

Please note, rides requested at the Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2020 will incur a $5 event pick-up fee. This will go directly to the driver to accommodate heavy congestion and wait times.


Travel to the Grand Prix in style! For charter prices and pick-ups, call Professional Helicopter Services on (03) 9580 7433.

Best places to watch

If you don't want to miss a second of the action and want to sit where all of the action is, you’ll get to see from here.

The Fangio grandstand is the place to be for the race build-up, the start, fast pitstops, podium celebrations and post-race interviews.Fangio Grandstand
With little wheel to wheel racing and overtaking at Albert Park, Fangio is a great grandstand to be able to absorb all of the action. Our tip ... get Three Champions Grandstand tickets and enjoy seeing the action from a different grandstand (Jones / Fangio / Brabham) each day!

Fangio Grandstand Australian F1

Moss Grandstand

The Moss grandstand is the best of the 'budget' grandstands, but don’t let that put you off – it offers good views for this price range. The grandstand is well located on the outside of the circuit between the starting grid and Turn 1, and provides a view of (usually) action-packed Turn 1.

General Admission

We personally love the freedom and experience of the AusGP Park Pass (aka General Admission) and have chosen it over a grandstand a number of times.

General admission AusGP Park Pass

Why..? Where do we start...

  • There are a number of vantage points, some very close to the track and others offering sweeping views of a number of turns.
  • You can walk (and should) around the whole track. Unlike many other circuits, GA ticket holders can still access the majority of the track. Utilise your Friday or Saturday to watch Practice from as many spots as possible!
  • There are plenty of grassy mounds to set up camp on race day.

Our top three picks for General Admission viewing..

Turn 11 and 12: Brocky’s Hill: 'Brocky’s Hill' in our opinion is the best place to watch the race from, but a word of warning - it's crowded and can get rowdy. The large raised bank gives you great views of Turns 11 and 12; a fast left, right section. You'll need to get in nice and early, take some picnic rugs and make sure you have a friend or two that is happy to mind your spot if you want to go adventuring.

Turn 2: Another prime location, get a spot that allows you to see the apex of turn one - you won’t leave disappointed. This is also the best position to invade the track at the end of the race. You'll need to run like hell to see the champagne!!

Turn 5: This spot is overlooked by most spectators and tends to be much quieter. One of the spots that will get you closest to the action, the tight right-hander is also a great spot for keen photographers!

Keen to learn more? Stay tuned for our next blog on the best places to eat during the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix 2020!

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