Why book your Formula 1® weekend with an F1 specialist?

Why book your Formula 1® weekend with an F1 specialist?

The internet has turned everyone into their own travel agents. With sites, such as Expedia and Hotels.com, travellers can now hop on their phones and book flights and hotel rooms with ease.
So why would you even consider paying somebody else to help you book your holiday when everything you need to do it yourself is readily available right there in the comfort of your own home?

There are any number of reasons travellers go to authorised Formula 1 resellers and travel agents for advice and to help organise their race weekend experiences. Here are a few of the more common reasons we hear from customers on why they prefer to use an authorised reseller instead of attempting to do it themselves.


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We save you time!

Sure everything is available on the internet, but that really means EVERYTHING, and as you know, not everything on the internet is 100% what it seems to be. Some people have a different opinion, they had a different experience and other people simply make things up.

That’s a lot of opinions to sort through, and if you haven’t been to the destination or event before, you need to do a lot of research to sort out the fact from the crap.

Using a professional travel company saves you a lot of time researching, comparing prices, comparing reviews and then finally booking your holiday. Advice from someone with real and proven experience is honest, trustworthy and tailored to what you want to get out of your holiday and will you save yourself a lot of your valuable time.

So go ahead, we encourage you to do your own research, but be prepared for a lot of different opinions and ideas. Be prepared to set aside a lot of your own time to get through it all.

Book an F1 holiday

When you google a holiday destination, don’t you wish the top result was just - here is exactly what you should do, how you can do it and how much you should pay?

That’s exactly what travel & tour operators do! Plus we give you the opportunity to ask questions, offer you the advice to go with it, and give you a personalised holiday based on what you want.

On top of the time you will have saved, there is the stress of actually organising, planning and booking your own holiday. Sure there are the fun bits like looking through all the sights and activities, seeing people’s Instagram photos and imagining yourself there. But when it comes to actually booking everything and organising the logistics of it, you often find the fun disappearing.

How do you organise transport? Make sure you’re getting a good price, an honest driver and how do you make sure you’re heading to the right place?

If you’re going with a group, how do you split payments, make sure everybody pays and does everybody want to do the same thing?

Even after that, you’re booked, organised, ready to go, but there are all the little things, getting around the city, knowing what to do, the track itinerary, communicating with locals and the list goes on.  

Booking and organising a holiday to somewhere you have never been is stressful! Let somebody else take the stressful parts away for you, all you have to say is “this is what I want” and it's all done for you. All you need to do is show up at the airport at the right time, and the rest is taken care of. Doesn’t that sound like a real holiday?


This is always a tough one to talk about, is it really cheaper to do it yourself, and is cheaper always better?

On one hand, you want the best deal you can get, but on the other, you don’t want to go so budget that you don’t enjoy your holiday. So where is the middle ground?

Here’s the truth, companies need to turn a profit, they don’t exist to simply break even or lose money. So yes, you can shop tour companies around, you can compare prices and you can break it down and perhaps come up with a better price on your own.  But that comes back to the first two points, time and stress - how much time do you have spare to do all the research and booking, and how confident are you in your planning and timing skills?  And when it all boils down, normally you save yourself less than a few percent, if anything at all, and once international transaction fees are added on too - is it all worth it? That’s up to you.

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The second part of the price is convenience. Travel companies combine everything you need into one easy price.

You know exactly what the holiday is going to cost, you know exactly what you get for it and you pay in one easy transaction. No extra costs, hidden fees or unexpected surprises. Another bonus is that if you book ahead of time, you can usually just pay a deposit, and split the rest into easy weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

When you do it yourself, not only are there multiple bookings and payments but booking in a foreign country means additional fees on your cards, international transaction fees and a poor conversion rate from your bank - and you most likely will need to pay for everything upfront!

The hotel, airport transfer, internal flights, tickets and the list goes on, all with their own individual payment and fees.

When everything is bundled up into one easy price, in your local currency with no exchange rates, no extra fees and no confusion, you know exactly how much your holiday is going to cost.


When you book with an authorised F1 reseller, you know you’re working with a specialist who has been there and done it, more than once!

You can rely on their opinions, suggestions and planning, and your trip will be better because you utilised an experienced company with a passion for F1 to help you out along the way. Prior to making a booking, and after you book, you have every opportunity to ask all the questions you want, get honest answers and advice and you will be prepared for everything you can expect to experience.

A travel company has years of knowledge and first-hand experiences that they are more than willing to pass onto you to help you enjoy your holiday more. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that if you have the opportunity?
These are just some of the reasons we have picked up along the way that booking your F1 experience through an authorised reseller can be easier than trying to do it yourself. This isn’t a comprehensive list and it doesn’t mean that travel and tour companies are the only way to organise your next F1 experience. It’s certainly not impossible to do it yourself, in fact, a lot of people do, BUT for the reasons mentioned above, you may find yourself feeling a little better about your holiday, a little more confident about everything and a little more secure knowing that you have utilised an expert to organise your holiday.

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